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Why We Started Founders Keep

Founders Keep was started to bring the stories of our founding to life once again and to fill the void left by the revisionist history system.  For years our unique and colorful history has been “dumbed down” and altered to fit a broad sweeping agenda to remove the valor, honor, and exceptionalism of our country.  Our Founders knew as long as the real stories of our history were passed down from generation to generation tyranny could not prevail, but if we do not learn and pass that knowledge to the next generation, it will be lost forever.  Thomas Jefferson wrote; “Those who expect to be both ignorant and free, expect what never was and never will be.”   One person can make a difference and when we ban together we can change the course of history like our fathers before us. Tyranny cannot stand when good people speak up!

Can we again draw a lesson from France?

Can we again draw a lesson from France? Absent a CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS understanding of the Law’s just purpose; a yardstick against which people can measure their government's every act, those entrusted with the force of law will naturally advance their own authority. A...

The Cyclical Process of Climate Change

Much has been made about the government's recently-released report on climate. As expected, this government-funded presentation of a narrative that all-but demands greater power to central government is being treated as the indisputable last word on the matter of...

We Are Social Media

We Are Social Media (Or, Is Social Media Us?) By Brian W. Peterson June 5, 2017 The question is, does social media reflect America or has it shaped America? Perhaps the question lacks an answer, but terse, cutting remarks are the norm these days. It’s hip – allegedly....

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