Much has been made about the government’s recently-released report on climate. As expected, this government-funded presentation of a narrative that all-but demands greater power to central government is being treated as the indisputable last word on the matter of man-caused climate change.

As we read the report itself and especially as we view the MSM’s fawning coverage of it, it’s important to keep several important factors in mind:

1. It’s the government’s report.

2. Carbon dioxide is the occurring gas on which plants depend. The fossil record shows that periods of higher concentration of atmospheric C02 have corresponded to prolific diversification and flourishing of plant life, but not consistently to global warming.

3. The fossil record offers evidence of CYCLICAL climate fluctuation with cooling and warming at approximately 15000-year intervals. Many factors, both terrestrial and related to sun-spot activity seem to be involved.
We’re nowhere near close to identifying the precise part played by each factor in our planet’s long history of constantly changing climate.

Not in dispute is the fact of our planet’s constantly changing climate; a cyclical pattern long before humans arrived.

4. The people / agencies promoting man-caused global warming have two things in common:
A. Their own lifestyles don’t comport to their prescriptions for the rest of us.
B. They stand to gain power, wealth, influence by generating popular demand for further restrictions, taxes and regulations on fuels.

The promotion of man-made climate fear is so important to the political elites that they are willing to exacerbate fire/draught dangers in order to use larger, more destructive disasters to “prove” their point as California’s governor has evidently done. He knowingly added to the severity of any fire by preventing rational mitigation measures. He’s clearly not alone in this corrupt abuse of power to promote man-caused global warming.

5. Every prediction about the disastrous impact of each degree of average temperature increase has failed to materialize.

It is self-evident, however, that a longer growing season will permit the production of more food.

6. An ice-age poses far greater threats to people than does a warming trend. That said, there isn’t a discernable warming trend at present.

The man-made climate-change story doesn’t rely on dispassionate science but instead on Gov’t-funded science followed by the ubiquitous repetition made possible by a mainstream media and educational system in shameless lockstep with a power-hungry central government.

Neither the track-record for accuracy nor the obvious incentives for promoting this narrative offer reasons to accept it.

We have worthy science and common sense in support of recognizing global climate change as a natural and cyclical process.