Raise your hand if you think the “Man on the Street” interviews are funny? Well, wait. We need to start all over. That is sooo like, not politically, ya know, correct. “Person on the Street,” assuming that everyone still self-identifies as human beings. There is a woman in the UK who self-identifies as a cat. You and I recognize that as mental illness, but recognizing mental illness for what it is can get you labeled as “judgmental” these days.
Ignorance is never funny, unless it’s from a little kid, and then it’s cute, unless the question is “why is the sky blue?” That’s maddening because, admit it, you have no idea why the sky is blue. But we’re supposed to laugh when people cannot identify the Vice President of the US. Believe me, I get it: there are days when I wish I didn’t know who the Vice President is, but in an age where people think the president has “his stash” to pay for federal giveaways, we see this silliness and hear a little voice in our head that says, “That’s a voter.”
I believe it was that great pop culture philosopher Forest Gump who once said, “You can’t fix stupid.” Or maybe it was Hillary Clinton talking about Democrat voters on that secret recording. Oh well. One in the same. The point is, at Founders’ Keep we can’t reach everyone. There are some people who are just wired to be takers; programmed to spend other people’s money; living in a land of blissful delirium (Bernie Sanders, call your office).
But we can try to reach as many people as possible with our message: our message of Liberty; of limited government; of American exceptionalism.
I went to high school with a girl who was born in Korea and came to the US as a young girl. Before immigrating, she heard rumors that the US was so rich that the streets were paved with gold. She was from South Korea. There is a reason why she was taught this, and the reason had nothing to do with what Americans thought of their homeland- it’s what the rest of the world, where people yearn to be free, thinks of America.
Unfortunately, Americans know more about the thoughts of the Kardashian family than of Thomas Jefferson. They understand the hierarchy in Game of Thrones more than they understand the relationship between the Supreme Court, Congress, the Executive Branch, and their State governments. They are swayed more by a Lady Gaga tweet than the writings of George Washington.
That isn’t funny.
Our job at Founders’ Keep is to educate others; but if we aren’t properly educated ourselves, we will fail. We have to know how to respond to mischaracterizations of the Founding Fathers, be able to explain why human nature hasn’t changed over the centuries, and how the Progressive movement doesn’t “progress” Liberty forward, rather it progresses government control forward.
To explain all that, you have to be educated. Being educated doesn’t mean you know the name of the Director of National Intelligence (it appears that President Obama doesn’t even know that), but it does mean that you can explain why America doesn’t want to go down the path of a European nanny state; why Liberty is America’s default setting; why we have to get back to the Constitution if we are going to keep this country from completely collapsing.
So there you have it- the purpose of Founders’ Keep. Join us for our meetings, where we watch videos, have lively discussions, and make new friends- all for the purpose of moving forward. Saving America has to start somewhere. It’s sure not going to start with those dolts who think that Abraham Lincoln was our first president or that we fought Germany for our Independence.
It’s just not funny anymore.