Founders Keep meeting.Founders meeting 4B-day12 2016

We have adjusted our yearly schedule to adjust to the summer activities.

For the months of September through May we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.

For the months of June, July, and August, we meet only one time a month on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Meeting notifications will be made on our Facebook page and on the Website.


Can we again draw a lesson from France?

Can we again draw a lesson from France? Absent a CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS understanding of the Law’s just purpose; a yardstick against which people can measure their government's every act, those entrusted with the force of law will naturally advance their own authority. A...

The Cyclical Process of Climate Change

Much has been made about the government's recently-released report on climate. As expected, this government-funded presentation of a narrative that all-but demands greater power to central government is being treated as the indisputable last word on the matter of...

America’s First Valentine’s Day Letter

    On February 14, 1779, the first recorded Valentine's Day letter in America was given by, then, British Lieutenant Colonel John Simcoe to Sarah “Sally” Townsend. Here is the first of three verses..."Fairest Maid, where all Is fair, Beauty’s pride and...