In medieval times every castle had a Keep. The Keep was where the most valued articles were maintained. Not just the gold, jewels and silver, but the documents and charters that described the character of the kingdom and its history. It was a place highly fortified and protected. It was the last stand when the castle was under attack. Only the most loyal and courageous knights were assigned to protect it.

The beautiful painting, “It’s Only Keepers–The People” by Robert Schoeller, portrays George Washington standing by the Constitution with quill in an out-stretched hand bidding us to sign on to be “keepers” of the document and the character it represents. Thomas Jefferson considered the people as the only safe depositories for the ultimate power in the Republic linking the same idea as the painting of Washington that we are the “keepers’ of the ideals of the Republic. As the Keep was the last hope for the castle, we are the last stand and hope of our Constitutional Republic.

Our minds and hearts are the real Keep were our most valuable assets reside to be lived and passed on to our posterity. We are the keepers of the Founding principles and the American dream.

Our Constitution and the American culture are under attack by those that would want us to forget, disregard, or revise our heritage. Our Constitutional heritage teaches us, not only the form of government, but the virtue necessary to sustain it.

The real enemies of our heritage are ignorance and neglect. Some have forgotten and others were never taught these ideals. As “keepers” we have a chance to change that. Our very name (Founders Keep) spells out our function. We are the Keep that holds the most valuable information on the Founders and the documents they gave us. Our task is to live those ideals and to ensure that they are passed on to our children and to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Founders Keep was started to safeguard and to pass on the amazing story of our founding. On the 17th of September our charter of Liberty, the Constitution, was 232 years old. It is the longest governing document still functioning in existence because it stands for all that is good and right. Our charter of Liberty was based on principles, not power. We are the “keepers” of the Republic. In our hearts and minds reside the nature of our freedom and the expression of our Liberty.

May Providence smile on our effort and sustain us through the battles ahead and may we accept the invitation of Washington to be keepers of the Constitution. We are the last stand against tyranny and our castle is under attack.

Now you know how we got our name.