Now that we have had a week to process everything, I’d just like to share a few thoughts on the election. What a wild night! We came within inches of losing this precious Republic! God has given us a chance to change course and reform this nation back into what He designed it to be! Now that He has given us this gift, he’s going to watch and see what we do with it…Not just in the Presidency but in Congress, in state and even local offices! Are we going to stop the slaughter of innocent children? The desecration of marriage and the family? Trampling on our obligations to our Veterans? Stop the illegal immigration that it fundamentally changing our country from the inside out? Pay down our monstrous national debt? Rebuild our reputation as a Christian nation around this world so we can be a beacon of light and freedom to a world that is mostly filled with darkness?

I can guarantee you that the progressives are not going to take this defeat lying down. They are already beginning to form groups and strategize on how to regain power. I heard one protester say “WE THE PEOPLE now have a responsibility to actually do something and we have a right to. Don’t let it go in vain.” What tenacity! We have to be ready to counteract their agenda.

I am going to urge you…challenge you even, to share our Founders Keep mission with at least two people during the coming holidays. We cannot sit down and become complacent with this victory. We have to remove progressive-ism from both political parties and return to our roots in the Constitution! We need to start educating as many as we can reach. We may think that what we can do is just a drop in the pond…but look at those ripples! The two people that you talk to in the next few months will in turn talk to two more….and so on. It needs to begin somewhere…let it begin with us!

 “Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made, which is the wish of our enemies, the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance.” ~ Samuel Adams